Loretta Iris

  • Recent Artwork

    Winter overcast skies and expansive snowscapes gift us reflected diffused light through workspace windows to work with when painting watercolor.
    Contact Loretta for personal or community art projects; visit Loretta’s “ARTWORKS” tab to see her artmaking process.

  • Recent Communication Activity

    Loretta and her friends/family offer supported Online empathy through the Zoom platform.
    Click the Communication tab to find out how Loretta can support your learning and practice of more compassion in your communication.

  • Recent Yoga

    Yes-it is cold outside at times….and how do we continue communion during the dormancy of winter? Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (sideways leg raising variation pose) prepares us for alignment with roots and sky supporting concentration and focus.
    Contact Loretta for information about this or any other yoga poses you might like to try.

Loretta Iris

Welcome into a circle of community, care and needs supported towards a world that works for all

  • Loretta Iris
  • 57 Sturby Place
  • Saskatoon, SK, S7J 2X4
  • 306-652-2627
  • lip125@mail.usask.ca

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You have reached the website of Loretta Iris. I am here having integrated over 50 years of education, training and experience that deeply connects me to my vocation of supporting life for all beings.

As a young child playing on the banks of the Assiniboine River, I watched birds landing , and bugs interacting while clouds, wind and sun were shaping shadows in front of me. The scent of willow branches in spring, taste of wild berries in summer and crisp crystal snowflakes in winter rooted a keen sense of awareness about the inter-connectedness of all things. Gifts of play, connection, and a sense of determination reflected the space and beauty of my world of nature. My life is spent honoring and co-creating the flow of universal gifts in harmony with the web of life.

Metta, Loretta

Loretta acknowledges that she is on Treaty 6 Territory – the Homeland of the Métis, Cree, Dakota, Lakota and many indigenous nations who held original occupation . She respects and mourns the losses that result from domination culture . She acknowledges the efforts of First Nations and Métis ancestors of this place and the work to maintain relationship with all.

* Assiniboine (known to its own speakers as Nakota or Nakoda) is a Siouan language of the Northern Plains (http://www.native-languages.org/assiniboine.htm)

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